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Did you know that at Create Imagine Learn Queanbeyan we

implement a ONE of a kind specialised School Readiness Program

for children attending our centre?

Preparing your child for the start of primary school will help them feel more confident about the big changes that are about to happen and what to expect at their new school.

In preparation for this important chapter, as Early Childhood Educators we can help your child to develop a love for learning so the move is a happy and positive one.

From the year before until the day they start school, there are a range of ways children can be prepared for their new environment. We value and recognize the importance of providing a wide range of experiences that will assist each child have a smooth transition to school.

The Emu Room School Readiness Program at Create Imagine Learn Queanbeyan works in collaboration with our transition to school plan and has been written and developed by Succeed Consultancy.

Families often feel that they require to take children to a specialised “preschool” setting to gain the benefits of preschool teaching to assist their children in preparing for school. At Create Imagine Learn Queanbeyan we believe that this is not the case at all. Our centre offers the same quality programs, experienced staff and implement experiences that will provide each child with this opportunity the only difference being a positive one which is, we offer extended hours of care for families and provide meals, sunscreen and incursions for families as part of our fees.

On top of this our service has an interactive smart board for children to engage with, together with I-pads that have a wide range of mathematical and literacy programs that will not only work hand in hand with our programs but provide many opportunities for children to extend on their skills and development. The quality of teaching is no different to your “9-3 preschool” setting.

Please take the time the read our ���School Readiness Program Overview” and feel welcome to come into the centre at any time and the staff can spend time with you going through our program.


 Overview of the��School Readiness Program

Welcome to Create Imagine Learn Queanbeyan’s School Readiness Program written and developed by Succeed Consultancy.

The main purpose of writing and developing the School Readiness Program was to provide children with the foundations and skills to be prepared and ready for big school. Many families of four year old children are anxious about big school and often ask “Is my child ready for big school?” “Will you teach my child the foundations that they need to go to School?”

These are often the questions that families ask when deciding on childcare for their children, especially for children going to school. From this and the experience of working with families it has assisted in being able to develop a program that will reassure families that this early learning and education will be provided to their children.

Child developmental research and early childhood theorists indicate that children only need to be emotionally ready for school, they do not need to know any concepts, how to write their names, count etc., it is still a very well-known fact that this is what families want and expect to be occurring for all children in the year prior to going to school.

Through many surveys completed with families from various childcare centres, all have clearly indicated and expressed the need for their child to attend a childcare centre that offers a school readiness program. The debate on whether a school readiness program should be implemented or not is an endless debate that will go on for many more decades. Finding the balance between what families want and what early educational theories say is difficult. This is why I have developed a program that does not ignore the research and current early childhood beliefs of what type of programming should be implemented, but instead caters for both early childhood philosophy and parent’s wants and needs.

For this reason this program is designed to allow both teachers and children to focus on school readiness for only certain times of the day which then allows for the current theoretical programming method of ‘an emergent curriculum’ to also be implemented.

The main concepts and ideas in the School Readiness Program has been adapted and refined with strategies to assist our four year old children that will be attending “Kindergarten��� the following year. The program provides the stepping stones and the foundations to transition children from Early Childhood environments to the School environment.

The program is based on the school weeks and terms, but also offers extra extension lesson plans to cater for children who may attend within the school holidays or require further experiences throughout meeting the objectives within this program. With Mathematics and English being the main focus the program also caters for the other syllabus areas such as Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE), Science and Technology, Creative Arts, and Human Society and its Environment (HSIE).

This  School Readiness Program will assist children in being prepared for school but does not take out the “fun” in learning. Learning should still be fun and interactive for all children.

With all of this outlined we look forward to seeing the great success of this program and the benefits����that it has on children’s Early Years of Education and Leaning.



 “Why was this program developed?”


Through the experience in both Early Childhood and school settings the consultants at Succeed Consultancy found that there was such a large difference between the ‘belief’ systems of Early Childhood and School. This has also been found through feedback from staff in the industry that have completed training at University. The way in which we are taught for working in an Early Childhood Setting to ways being taught for working in Schools is quite different. We feel that this has even extended further with the introduction of the National Quality Framework and Standards that was introduced into the Early Childhood Industry in 2011.

“The way in which programs were developed and implemented in my experience from Early Childhood to school was and for me still is vastly different, so different that it was challenging even for myself, a grown adult, to become familiar with”. Early Childhood was and still is so focused around “play based learning” (children learn through play, don’t use stencils, no strict structure time etc.) where as schools are very focused on “teacher directed learning” (teacher providing the experiences, at what time, when, stencils galore and children were very routine in their day)

It was from this very experience and experiences heard from other Early Childhood Educators that we thought “if we as Early Childhood Educators are finding it hard to adapt between the two settings how is a child that is starting “kindergarten” and been in and Early Childhood setting going to adapt? Even though naturally many Early Childhood Educators believe in a “play based approach” there required to be a program developed that would assist children in bridging that gap between the two settings but provided them with the opportunity to at least be prepared for the “school setting”.

Why fight the difference in beliefs and instead of trying to challenge the schools in our community to believe in our beliefs why can’t a program be developed that doesn’t compromise the Early Childhood belief and theory but one that incorporates the beliefs of the school system. Isn’t this just going to benefit children?

The program that has been written has been implemented and tested across a few centres. Yes it is true to say that there are continual adjustments and refining of the program but that is more for all Early Childhood Educators to ensure that it meets the specific needs of the children at the centre together with the changing legislations around Early Childhood. The program is also designed to be used in collaboration with local schools hence another reasons for refinement.

The main aim and values of the program is that it provides as many children as possible with the best head start to school together with a smooth transition into Kindergarten but most importantly provide them with the confidence and love of learning.


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